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Protect Trees from Thunder Lightning

Each year, more than one million trees in the United States are struck by lightning. The Southeast has the highest frequency of lightning storms in the country.

Atlanta Classic Tree Service offers lightning protection systems that can minimize the risk of damage from a strike. These systems use copper conductors connected to a ground rod to reduce tree damage and conduct the electrical charge to the earth where the energy is dispersed. Our systems have an excellent record of protecting trees and they reduce the risk of a side-flash to adjacent structures.

In fact, lightning rarely damages trees outfitted with a system that has been installed in accordance with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) A300 Standards, which were adopted by The Tree Care Industry Association. While lightning strikes are unpredictable and protection cannot be guaranteed, systems are effective and affordable under these standards.

Tall trees are obviously most susceptible to lightning strikes and certain species including tulip tree, oak, pine, and maple are damaged more often than others. Historic trees, those in feature locations in the landscape, and those close to structures are also candidates for lightning protection.

Lightning protection systems should be inspected annually to ensure they are intact. Systems will require servicing to extend conductors and replace fasteners to accommodate growth of the trees in which they are installed.

A300 Part 4 Lightning Protection Systems standards recognize three basic ground systems:

Single Ground Rod

A ground terminal composed of one ground rod.

Multiple Ground System

A ground termi­nal composed of two or more ground rods or copper ground plates.

Horizontal Ground System

A ground terminal composed of ground rod(s) or copper ground plate(s) that are not fully driven or installed in the ground due to site conditions.

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