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5 Reasons to Choose Atlanta Classic Tree Service for Tree Care in Cherokee County, GA

When it comes to tree service in Cherokee County, GA, there’s no better choice than Atlanta Classic Tree Service! We bring years of experience to every job, backed by hard-working employees who know a thing or two about tree care! We’re widely accredited, and have even won awards for our work. When it comes to tree services, there’s truly no better choice.

Take a look at a few of the reasons Atlanta Classic Tree Service is the first, best and only call you need to make for tree care in Cherokee County, GA.

  1. We’ve been in business since 1987. We’ve been able to stay in business so long because of our excellent workmanship and prioritization of customer satisfaction. Over the last three decades, we’ve removed 15,000 trees, trimmed 25,000 branches, prevented 1,000 lightning strikes and revived over 1,000 trees. These numbers speak for themselves, telling a story of customer trust and service excellence that spans decades.
  2. We staff highly trained technicians. Our ISA-Certified arborists are skilled in various forms of tree care, including tree trimming and pruning, stump removal and much more. When we say we know a thing or two about caring for your trees, we’re not lying! In fact, few other tree services in Cherokee County, GA know more than we do. No matter how large or small the job, our arborists always deliver exceptional results.
  3. We’re widely accredited. Atlanta Classic Tree Service is a member of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Georgia Arborist Association (GAA). We follow each of the guidelines and standards set by these organizations when it comes to tree care. That means you can expect perfect work every time you hire us to tend to your trees.
  4. We offer a complete range of services. Have a variety of tree service needs? Call us to handle them all! Proper tree planting, trimming, fertilizing and pruning are all essential when it comes to growing a healthy tree. We not only offer all those services; we also provide cabling and bracing services for when your tree needs some extra support. Even if you need a tree removed, we’re available for tree removal and stump grinding services.
  5. We value customer satisfaction above all. It’s our mission to provide excellent workmanship and complete customer satisfaction from the start to completion of a project. In order to understand the needs and expectations of our customers, we take great care to work and communicate with every customer in a professional manner. Your satisfaction matters, always.

As you can see, Atlanta Classic Tree Service is simply the best option for tree care in Cherokee County, GA! We pride ourselves on safety, top-quality work and good customer service. If you’re looking to ensure the healthy growth of your plant, contact us today. One of our ISA-Certified arborists will be at your property in no time to take care of all your tree service needs.

We provide fairly-priced services to both commercial and residential properties. Come see why we’re considered Cherokee County, GA’s premier tree management company.

Complete Tree Service and Care

We work hard to protect your tree and ensure healthy growth. To do so, we utilize techniques like cabling, bracing and fertilizing. We also offer lightning protection systems to safeguard your trees against frequent Southeastern thunderstorms.

Healthy Tree Trimming Services

Trimming and crown shaping are both essential parts of proper tree care. If you’re looking to prevent overgrown and misshapen trees, let our experts provide routine pruning services. We’ll have the tree on your Fulton County, GA property looking beautiful in no time.

Atlanta Classic Tree Service provides professional tree care and plant health care services to residential and commercial properties in Cherokee County Georgia.

  • Cabling/bracing

    Cabling and bracing are techniques used to support trees with weak structures. Our ISA-certified arborists install cables to inhibit the movement of branches, preventing them from splitting. We also thread weak branches through braces for added support.

  • Lightning protection

    To protect your tree from lightning damage, we install systems that utilize copper conductors connected to a ground rod. These systems conduct electricity into the ground below your tree, to prevent catastrophic damage.

  • Fertilization

    is an essential part for the healthy growth of most plants. We provide deep root fertilization using top-quality fertilizers. Our goal is to keep your foliage lush and thriving, from the roots to the canopy.


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